Kuat NV rack stuck in hitch reciever


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Yup. My 4-ish year old Kuat NV 2.0 rack is stuck in the 2" receiver. Thankfully the receiver itself detaches from the hitch (Torklift Central Ecohitch Invisi), so I was able to remove the rack/receiver from my car, but the ball-wedge cam system somehow failed and now it's stuck together. When detaching I used to turn the cam adjuster counter-clockwise until I heard a "pop" and then I'd be able to wiggle the rack out, but last week the adjuster backed all the way out with no tension left and the rack is stuck. I didn't hear the "pop" it just kept turning until the adjuster completely un-threaded itself from the cam system. I did not keep the rack on the car when I wasn't transporting a bike, so it's been on and off the car hundreds of times. First time this has happened.

Anyone have any experience with ball-style cam systems getting stuck in receivers?
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