My son was in tears! His all time favorite player.
When I was told I was in shock I am deeply saddened like when Robbin Williams passed. I grew up watching him and stopped watching when he retired. Had a poster with him and Shaq but folded so you couldn't see Shaq.

When I dated a girl in highschool her brother in law's sister was a Laker girl at the time and got me signed gear which was lost.

Real kick in the gut and feel worse for his wife to loose her husband and a daughter in the same day out of nowhere.

Just goes to show only thing in life you can count on is what you have right now.


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I was a Kobe hater. I always was always more of a fan of other top team or player he was facing, regardless, but I knew deep down he will be one of the greatest. I don’t think I’ve been this shook and down from the passing of someone I never even met. Heros come in all different ways. But bless all the families that lost someone with this tragedy.

One of the best photos. “I’m telling you I’m a GOAT”. “We’ll see about that kid”


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My kids love basketball in a way that only kids can, the passion an 8 and 11 year old can generate for something is unlike anything we can as adults because for them it's pure, unadulterated love without any outside influences that as we age tend to color our feelings and beliefs. Seeing my kids in tears over there favorite basketball player and probably favorite human being in their eyes, was pretty hard to take. I didn't realize how much he meant even to me as a Sixers fan, sure he slayed us in the finals but damn if I couldn't really generate hate for him since he really was above and beyond everyone else.