didn't see this posted and haven't heard mention of this here... so here goes

Just watched "Klunkerz" the other day. Its documentry about the early days of mountain biking in Marin county CA told through a mix of interviews, archival footage and photos. Has similar vibe as Dogtown and Z-Boys documentry.

Well worth the time spent to watch, if you have passion for having fun on a bike, this should make you smile. Interviews with Gary Fisher, Tom Richey and others tell how they started an industry. Wish it could have been a bit more detailed in some areas, but over all it was pretty good.





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Just ordered a copy of the DVD - thanks for the link cem. Dogtown is a great movie so it's good to hear it's got that similiar vibe. Another documentary worth a watch for anyone that rides is Joe Kid on a Stingray


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The movie is a very good historical accounting of the formative years of mountain biking. Good stuff.

Jess- Klunkerz was in last year's Bicycle Film Festival (it showed at 5 pm the same day as the Highbridge opening). If you want to see it though, they're screening it at the grand opening of the Trek concept shop in Brooklyn in April, and Gary Fisher is going to be there in person!


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I have it if anyone wants to borrow it...It's a good watch, to think not all that long ago, mountain bikes didn't even exist, and now we carbon fiber 29ers with disc brakes!!



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Is this the same thing I once caught on the HD channel where they were interviewing early pioneers and comparing their experiences with the Red Bull event in the south west?
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