Kittatinny Valley State Park Conditions

Any updates on trail conditions here anyone ??

Rode for about and hour this morning....Did White climb from parking area...and took longest way around to white by the lake. there is a sizable tree down a little bit after the white climb (you can duck under) but it's hanging on by it's outer bark and will likely come down soon or will need to be cut down soon.

There is another large tree down further out on's next to the trail on one of the right sweeping down-hill turns before you make your way out to the open field area on white. (its not completely blocking....but you cannot rail deep into the turn as before..)

Also rode blue to red before heading back on the rail trail. muddy patches in the usual spots that you must ride through (and not around). slick rocks/moss and roots as usual.....didn't even attempt the lower part of red (As I'm sure it's still partly under water)

Unfortunately I did not get to the white (former rogue trail) off of red...but I'm sure the rocks and roots were fairly slick as well...didn't do "needle" side either..

leaves seem to be falling quickly and are starting to cover most of the trails

Try to keep the psi. down as low as possible, or you will be slipping and sliding all over the place...
Conditions Update +Update on Stupid People Alert!!

Got out for a short KVSP ride this morning. Only rode white trail in main park, green near the rail-trail ,and part of yellow up to red (needle climb) and back down red.

The majority of the single track is bare due to someone leaf-blowing in preparation for a half-marathon which was supposed to be run this past weekend. I also got a chance to see the painted arrows on the ground and all of the small sapling cut-offs (most noticeable at the top of red before the needle). I do not understand any of this:confused: The same group has used the park for organized trail runs in the past and had always used stakes with arrow signs as course markers. I wonder what brain"iac" was responsible for the decision to use spray paint as a course marker??

The good news is that they did not blow leaves off of the white switchback climb from the main lot, or the yellow climb on the far left where it switch backs slightly up to red (basically everything else I rode was leaf blown!!)

There are several trees down on the white loop as you make your way over toward the lake (all are in need of a hand and/or chain saw).

There are also several trees down across the yellow climb (far left) especially as the trail steepens en-route to red.

The short section of green and all of red were surprisingly clear of any and all felled trees and limbs

Didn't have a chance to check out red, blue, or white (former rouge trail) in the main park. I may get a chance to get back over there on Wed. morning to scope those out...


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Was out at KVSP today and the conditions were decent. Some trails were dry and fast, but the trails on the needle side of the park in particular were a bit tacky and slick.


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kvsp conditions 3/15

got in the trails late friday afternoon on 3/15. everything is nice and dry; what a difference from last spring. I did about half the trails and my tires never got wet. this week looks nice too.


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Never been here before , what's the trail system comparable too ? Or a recommended loop etc?

relatively small park, lots of singletrack that goes back and forth on both sides of the rail trail. lots of short climbs, some of them steep. some sections have a fair amount of rocks, but it isn't as rocky as mahlon dickerson or parts of allamuchy.

in terms of a loop, all the single track trails will connect back to the rail trail or the main part of the park where the ranger's HQ is. KVSP is a very fun place to explore b/c it is not that big, but there are alot of trails that intersect with each other. hope this helps.


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quick ride today

got out today for a quick ride at lunchtime today and saw lots of MTBers out riding. hope you had a good ride; if I had more time I would have tried to keep up with you guys. Any MTBNJ "celebrities" out there today?

Oh yeah, conditions: drying out nicely. of course it is raining now.


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Not sure about Kittatinny but just accross the street Allumuchy got crushed.And be aware, Kittatinny has Park Rangers on site.And I think parks are "officialy" closed still, though I could be wrong.As they say "Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission".
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Anybody give Kittatinny a look ? Is it ridable ?

KVSP is thrashed. I rode the majority of the park today and its was 2.5 hrs of hike a bike. The side of the park that has all the climbing (the needle) is the worst. It will be a long time before its rideable.


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I am amazed at the amount of tree damage our area got, not just little ones but enormous oaks.


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I rode much of the park yesterday as well - stayed away from the needle as once I got a taste of the west side, I thought the needle would be more of the same. The east side was a little better, but only really the red trail on the SE side as there have been some major logging operations to fix a power line that runs straight through the park. And, that fix took much of the trail that was already wide and turned it into a highway. I didn't even ride white after getting a sense for what the red must have been like pre line fix.


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This place is still toast! Blue and green on the north side are good, but the rest is ride and hike.
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