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So this morning I headed out to Kittatinny State park, totally unaware of what to expect. I arrived at 8am, and headed over to the Ranger Station in quest of some maps. I talked to a lady inside and she gave me a map and some advice on where to go for some good single track. Ended up parking in the first parking lot and headed for the white-blazed trail.

Things were immediately challenging, as the trail was sloppy, wet and pretty steep. Things started to pick up and the trail eventually started rolling pretty nicely. The DHs were tricky and technical (for me at least!) as the trail was covered in wet leaves in what seemed to be strategic locations. I continued on the white for awhile until I was next to Lake Aerotek (sp). I continued riding some steep climbs and fast downhills until I came out into an opening and stumbled upon an airport. Followed some signs which eventually threw me onto the red-blazed trail. I ended up taking some of the unmarked trails off of the red just for the hell of it. I proceeded to come across some Maintenance yard, and eventually crossed the Sussex Branch Trail. I really had no idea where I was and figured I'd turn right. I ended up back at the entrance to the park.

Eager to explore some more, I took the trail that led to the tower. This is where disaster struck. I was going down a hill and must have caught my rear on a small, sharp stump. I pulled over to inspect, expecting to see some damage. I was right, the rear was whistling at me; it went completely flat in about 15 seconds. This is my 3 flat in 2 weeks. Ended up having to walk about 20 min back to where I was parked.

All in all, I absolutely loved it! I'm going back tomorrow morning.

Here's some pictures I took w/ my phone.


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I rode there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was 36 degrees when I parked my car! Once I warmed up I loved it... nice, fast hardpack and not too many rocks. I particularly liked the trail that ran along the edge of the lake;



A flat shouldn't mean walkin'

If you carry a tube and a pump a flat is only a 5 minute inconvenience. Kittatiny is pretty compact, but other rides might leave you with a 5 mile walk. I'd recommend a chain tool and allens, too, at a minimum.

Kittatiny is a great little compact park, especially after you figure out where the fun stuff is.
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