Kittatinny Recon 3/12

Allamuchy Joe

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Just an update: on 3/12 Kittatinny was all water, mud & left over ice/snow. The railtrail was not even rideable, as your tires would sink in about 3 inches.

It will probably be another week before you can ride in the park.


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Thanks for the report.

Maybe Sunday the trails are rideable again since it's supposed to get down to 20 overnight Saturday.


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wow, if the rail trail is that bad, lower needle must be complete mush. thanks for the update AJ.

edit: norm champion strikes again...thanks buddy. may as well forget about riding this weekend folks. we'll either have several inches of rain or a foot of snow.
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wow dan. jumping in headfirst eh? boston must be crazy for st paddys...


mahlon is slushy, unrideable snow with deep, soft mud in between. i walked the rail trail yesterday and would not recommend even doing that.
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