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I'm looking into going up to Kingdom Trails for a few days the week of July 7th. Can anyone who's been there before recommend a good place in the area to stay. The cheaper the better :D


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This place rocks:
Looks like they even have a MTB special rate now. I have stayed here several times. Its right in East Burke, LBS a few hundred feet away.
The owners are super cool and helpful, very bike friendly.
They also have it set up so you can wash your bike after a ride and then hop in the hot tub while the grill gets hot. The other great thing is you can use the fully equipted kitchen at night and make your own meals if you wish. Beautiful garden that you can take freely from too. I think their son may have opened a restaurant next door too. and oh yeah, the Kingdom Trails are right there.
wow I forgot how good this place was...I need a biking getaway now!


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The Burke Cottage Rentals that are listed on the Kingdom Trails website were nice. Each cabin has a kitchen with an outside area with a fire a picnic table. Think there was even a small kennel if you have a dog.


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ROOMS!!! The campground at the top of Burke Mt. is the way to go. I'll be there in 2 weeks from 6/30 to 7/4. After a day of sweet trails nothing is better than sitting around the campfire with beers retelling the day's adventure. The best part is getting up in the morn, making some breakfast and jumpingon the trails in your backyard.

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Postpone and go a week later and I'll join ya. I'm coming home from Colorado June 13th. :)

I think I'd have to postpone for a year, not a week if you're not coming back till June 13th ;):D

The dates are still up in the air since I'm trying to do the trip in between new jobs, so I'll let you know if things change.

also going to burke--riding all day on 7/11

Hey. A group of us from NJ are heading up thursday night 7/10 and riding all day on friday 7/11 (well, as much as we can handle). then we're either going to ride again on saturday, or drive down to killington for some downhill. we're intermediate riders in our late 30's who frequent south mountain, chimney rock and LewMo. Let me know if you want to meet up to ride or at least a post-ride beer on Friday.

-- Jeff
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