Kimbo Slice KO'd


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usually the case with knockout punchers...... NO chin. but you have to GET to said chin first. hahaha. this wasn't really surprising to me since kimbo doesn't have very much mma experience. kinda like when you threw brock lesner in the ring. size doesnt mean sh^t. when i was younger and getting into fights here and there i used to try to fight the biggest guys i could. im only 5'8. but usually the big guys had the weakest chins. oh the young days. lol


Before he got into the MMA stuff, the guys I work with were hooked on all the bare-knuckle videos of him online. I remember one where he got panelled by a big cop (LAPD maybe?). The guy just took him chipped him away to nothing. Defense was never Kimbo's strong suit :)


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Watched this last night, it was awesome.

I think I am in love with Gina Carrano

She is one tough cookie...I was flippin channels and caught that fight...she laid some hurtin' on the other girl.



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I have been a fan for a long time and Kimbo had no chance in hell of being good at MMA. The 2 previous fights CBS setup were to get ratings by using him as the "internet sensation" but he fought nobody's. At least this guy was a UFC fighter who is not the best fighter but has a good amount of experience. I was so pissed I stayed up for that match and he falls down on a short jab.


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I liked the kid he fought. He was on the UFC show with Jardine, Rashad Evans, and a few others. He did fairly well on the show. He mentioned after the fight that he's had some issues in his life and fighting kinda took a back burner. Hopefully now this will be a spark for Seth to get back into the mix.
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