kids' pedals suggestions


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I won a set of these at martys rep night.. I put them on my son's bike, what a difference. He can go uphill much better, no longer gets bounced off the pedals going downhill... Major improvement



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I have these VP001 pedals on my 9 year old's mountain bike.

They are pretty light, slightly smaller and have slightly less aggressive pins than saya VP Vice, but it's still a full size platform pedal. The pins are all grub screws so some could be removed if/as needed. She rides them in Vans and hasn't had any issues with slips, but if she takes one of these to the shin it will leave a mark.

I was going to buy her a set of these little Wellgo m111 pedals, which are more closely aligned with what is on her BMX bike, but since the VPs worked so well I never did.


Either of these can be had for under $50


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They are a bit hard to find, but I have a set of stolen thermolite bmx pedals , that have grub screws instead of the plastic molded in ones. Best of both worlds