Kid trailer,, What to Buy? need help


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What type of Bike trailer should I buy for my kid. I currently have/use the pull Bike-trailer (2 seat model) and noticed my son is quite bored back there and I feel bad. Btw he's 3yrs old and started to ride with training wheels, but is quite slow. The 5yr old flies and I can't juggle between the two.
I was looking at two manufacturers:
Trail-A-Bike & Trail-Gator

Does anyone use them? Pros/Cons?

any info is greatly appreciated.



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Tony - How are you making out with the bike trailer situation? Let me know if you want to sell your old 2-seater.


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The researching continues..

I like the Trail-Gator system, but my hesitation is that I would like to use on fire road/smooth single track and it's not tested/recommended for off road use.
Btw, I'll be keeping the 2 seat bike trailer for a few more years because I, also, have 4 month old boy. :)


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update : Trail-A-Bike

I've been using the Adam's trail-a-bike so my 3 yr old can enjoy riding the trails with his older (5yr) brother and I. It's been really good so far since he just basically sits and hangs on. I, also tried it with my 5yr old and he jerks the bike left/right and it can really throw off your handling.
You really get a good workout pulling 40+ lbs behind you.

It would be nice to have a group family Bike outing, but I wouldn't want to hold up anyone since we stop very frequently.:)
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