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Oxblood docs > any boot ever made. it was a sad day when i retired mine.

Did you see the nancyboy in the vid running after the crash? That was FFT


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how will he ever know if he has the skills to do it if he never tries it?

this mentality usually ends with me digesting dirt...


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No he's not a jerk, he is a professional. He had a scared look on his face. I'm sure he had months of training for this, he just misjudged the amount of air on his out run. These kids should not even be doing stunts like these. His competitors want him to make it, TV ratings and most of the spectators want him to crash like he did. Im my 20 year MX racing career I had a few close friends wind up in a wheel chair.

how will he ever know if he has the skills to do it if he never tries it?

Go small, than go big. The first guy landed perfect, he knew how much in run speed he needed. The guy who crashed over jumped by 10 feet! Sure sh!t happens and we all crash, but to hit a double at warp speed like he did was dumb. It's called a calculated risk.

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Its about the size of a lower dominion table in size, I'm sure a far share have done the same there. All levels of riders crash from time to time so he's no more of a jerk than anyone else.

At least he's not as dumb as this guy who says he did it for god :rolleyes: - 245 feet w/head first landing

``It wasn't some yahoo stunt,'' Pierre said. ``I chose to do it so it would open up doors so I could witness my faith in Christianity.''

About 100 feet into the jump, Nielsen said Pierre couldn't keep his skis under him and went upside down. He landed headfirst and blew a hole 6 feet deep into the snow.

Nielsen said a photographer rushed in and dug Pierre out of the snow.

``Jamie pretty much walked away with a cut lip,'' he said.

Pierre said he was lucky to be alive.

``I'm lucky I didn't get hurt,'' he said.

Pierre said he landed in the perfect spot.

``I hit the nail on the head,'' he said. ``The fact that I came out unscathed and landed where I planned _ faith played a role in it.''

Pierre said he took grief from his wife and parents for his jump. He was born in Minnesota and moved first to Crested Butte, Colo., and then to Salt Lake City to ski.

He really did it for the money though:

Teton Gravity Research, a company that specializes in filming radical ski feats, measured the distance from the cornice to the landing hole with a range-finder to confirm the world record, he said.


Five photographers and three cinema shooters recorded the event, said Josh Nielsen of Teton Gravity Research.

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That world record is sick. I think people who go that big have serious death issues. I know someone with a very similar affinity for that kind of adrenaline. Nutty.
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