Kenda Bike Fest Cancelled?

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A buddy of mine found this posting on the Kendafest site:

Here is the quote:

Response from Jim at Kenda, received today:

The festival is owned by Blue Dog Enterprises and this is Bruce Fina (one of the original founders of Pedro’s) and his family and friends. Hence the reason why it was the Pedro’s festival for many years.

In 2007, Kenda signed a three year agreement with option for 2 added years to call it the Kenda Bikefest. Dirt Rag magazine also signed on to be the ‘ Presented by’ sponsor.

Since last November, both Kenda and Dirt Rag have been trying to get a date for the 2009 festival from Bruce. Just about 2 weeks ago, we both got word that he will no longer hold it due to rising costs and declining expo people and declining attendance.

Naturally this was a disappointment for Kenda and Dirt Rag as we invested a lot into the Bikefest.

Bruce offered to sell it a combination of Kenda/Dirt Rag and Mt. Snow. Dirt Rag is launching a new magazine this year and they were not interested in owning the fest with Kenda or others. Mt. Snow does not offer camping so there is a problem there. Selecting a location and a date at this point in time for 2009 is to late.

I called several companies to see if they would attend and all said since they have not heard from the promoters as to a date for 2009, they figured it would not happen and they did not allocate time or the funds to attend.

So sadly I had to tell Bruce that I could not purchase it and that I was sad to see it go.

But who knows- maybe next year we will have something somewhere to go.

Thanks for your interest and support over the years.

If you want to do some XC racing see above.

Jim Wannamaker
North America Marketing Director
Bicycle Division
Kenda USA
7095 Americana Parkway
Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068
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This is a bummer, but not all that surprising, given the state of the economy and a seeming decline in the fun factor at this fest over the last few years.


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My daughter will be in tears. :( The last two years at this event were really special for the two of us. I'll have to find an alternate.
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My wife and I went to this festival for many years and I even proposed there 4 years ago on one of our favorite trails on the backside of the ski slope...bummer.


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My wife and I went to this festival for many years and I even proposed there 4 years ago on one of our favorite trails on the backside of the ski slope...bummer.

I am pretty darn sure that I have ridden all the trails in the Pittsfield state Forrest. Really fun. We got in with 2 locals who grew up on the edge of the park. Amazing stuff.

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The trails on site have left a bit to be desired the last couple of years. New venues with new trails, add water and churn with hundreds of tires, you end up with slop. I have been going to Pedros since the third year, and will miss it a lot. I hear the Racccoon Rally (Upstate NY) is pretty good.


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I went to my first bikefest two years ago and cannot say in words how much fun I had. Two epic days of riding and great people. Work kept me from going up this past year.

Very much looking forward to JORBAfest!


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RIP Kenda BikeFest...


Lining up against my daughter for the Mud Bog

Mike Steadly

hula Hoop for beer at the Clifbar tent.

Can't explain how bummed I am. Honestly, I didn't do one ride in the last two years. I just took in all the awesome vibes with Emily. :eek:
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