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i used to eat the kashi honey puffs all the time for breakfast, but have since switched to oatmeal or pasta for breakfast. plus a bagel and muffin mid morning if i'm working. i realize that those are dinner entrees, and the description of my daily breakfast has little to do with the actual topic, but there you go. remember, no matter where you go, there you are.


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Robyn likes their oatmeal, however I prefer my old fasion Quaker Maple and Brown sugar oatmeal.


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try the mcann's irish oatmeal. mix it up w/brown sugar, maple syrup, honey, fresh or dried fruit - ginger is real good too.


entirely thrilled
i like the mccanns steel cut stuff, but only when i have enough time to cook it. their quick cook stuff is as good as any other. most mornings i use the store brand "ready in five minutes" stuff and undercook it to slow the carb release. i also add wheat germ to it.
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