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hello all

just wanted to introduce myself on here. my name is Aaron and i picked up a mountain bike about a year and a half ago so i could do an adventure race with my brother, now i loove it. I mostly ride at eagle rock, because its about 20 mins on my bike, and a good route for a work out. however, i just got a job in Mt Arlington, so once i get my tubeless tires on, ill be going to allamuchy alot after work (5:30ish), which is where my adventure race was, so i am decently familiar.

I am also planning on doing the 24 hrs of allamuchy this year with my brother in the doubles, so that is something to look fowards to



I came to mountain biking thru adventure racing too. Then I got more hooked on biking, still soooo much fun! Welcome
thanks for the welcome guys

i forgot to add my rig

right now im riding an 07 Gary Fisher Pirana, which i just set up with tubeless tires and my first set of clipless pedals, I go to the montclair bikery for all my stuff and they are really helpful

I also ride a fixed track bike on the road, which is a ton of fun, so lately ive been toying with the idea of getting a SS 29er...which im pretty sure i will, im liking the GF Rig right now...its just a matter of time

so hopefully ill see some of you on the trails
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