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I can now claim 100% improvement on my Jersey trails completion chart - I rode at Lewis Morris today.

I left the girlfriend and the hound at the dog park and cycled down the main road to Sunrise Lake I think it is. I skirted the outside and found the yellow markers - the longest trail there.

The trails are pretty well marked except for a couple of sections where I found myself a tad lost but bumped into the yellow trail that I was trying to follow.

I really enjoyed it. Some leg pumpin' hills followed by some tasty long and rolling downhills - really good stuff. A couple of the hills had lots of small, 3-4 inch, stones as their surface so those uphills weren't fun - quite a lot of spinning unfortunately but, again, the downhills were sweet. Some were spattered with roots but others smooth and rolling.

I tied on a couple of additional and the ride back up to the dog park to total 12 so not a bad ride. I'm pretty knackered now!!

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