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It's going to be ridiculously gorgeous tomorrow.
Play hookey and come run wild in the Jungle.
We'll carouse all the dry corners.:D
Any takers? PM me.
6/3 Time changed to 11:30. We're waiting for a rider to get back from the dentist.
(Maybe if they shoot the novacaine in his legs, I'll beat 'em up the hills.);)
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Jungle Habitat was especially fine today with very little damp in the sure to be damp places. Lots of stuff there to keep you on your toes and a certain air of mystery to boot.

t.wach was simply amazing and rocked unknown territory at a blazing pace.
I worked on adding interest to otherwise pale, boring legs with temporary tattoos of the MTB kind. Among other memories, I got a nice purple impression of my grip and brake lever over here, top tube there....

But the most fun was doing that Mouse Trap game impression of the guy that dives into the bath tub... Whoo hoo!!

If you haven't hit the Jungle yet, you've just got to.
It's tons of fun!

Back to the road tomorrow, where the trees don't ever jump in your way.

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