Jungle Habitat Rumble - Photo Thread

Nathan Crisman

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Hey guys,
There were at least 5 people shooting photos at the race, and most of us agreed to just have one thead with all the gallery links in one place.

So to start it off, here's mine:

Kimrey's Gallery:

Glancing Aft's Gallery:

GTLuke's Gallery:

Not So Fast's Gallery:

As more people post links, Ill add them here up front

My Comments:
All of my photos are uploaded as of monday night.

Special thanks to everyone who made an effort to hit that jump hard. I know some guys were taking a beating there. We had a couple crashes, flat tires, and broken seat posts as a result of the "hot-dogging" on the jump. hahahha.


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Obligatory tongue shot!

My tongue is twice as long and heavy as the average human being's. It was weighing my front end down. That is why my front tire is on the ground while the rear is a foot in the air. Or...maybe I just have no trick skillz whatsoever. :eek:



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i got some of you ben at the next corner. nate has all the pictures i took though so we have to wait for him.

Nathan Crisman

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i got some of you ben at the next corner. nate has all the pictures i took though so we have to wait for him.

Im going to make a gallery in that same link above that will have all of Luke's photos as well, so they are available for sales/prints on the same system as mine. I haven't even taken that camera out of the bag yet though...they'll go up tonight for sure.


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Dude, your front wheel looks huge. Testing the new Gary Fisher 36er?:D

I took my laptop to work, so Ill spend my lunch hour editing, as mandated by Utah Joe.

And when your done you can go outside and wash the boss' mountain bike....chop chop sunny! :D


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I stuck around after my beginner race long enough to snap some of the sport session. These are really just snap shots, I don't have the camera for doing the awesome stuff that Nathan has posted. My lens is almost as slow as I am.


I tried to title/label where possible, if you browse and recognize anyone let me know in the photo comments or by PM and I will update the title.

Have to say this was quite the race to cut one's teeth on.


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Great shots Nate! Can't wait for the Sport pictures. I forgot that mini jump was there but I think on the 2nd lap I threw down a mini bubba scrub for the cameras.:cool: Great race day though, year 2 of riding this course & still my favorite out of the entire 9 races by far.
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