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To call it a swampy mess in places would be an under statement.
Animal Chute , upper and lower , would do best to not see any action this weekend please.
The rest of the race course is holding up pretty well.
If anyone wants to help out I will be working on upper chute this weekend 9 am sat morning. Moving rocks and general heavy work. No pay dirt just good karma.
So much for dragging my fat ass up High Point with the gang.

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thanks for the heads up. It was on my short list for Easter morning, but I'll take a pass now.

Any idea how Wayway is?
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4/20 Jungle Conditions

Though rocks and roots were a bit slick in the early morning fog, the trails were fantastic today.

The hard work and efforts of the guys and gals that did trail maintenance and building yesterday was really obvious and greatly appreciated.

To the workers, YOU ROCK!!!!

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