June 30th and July 1st


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Hey All,

I'll be up in the Hackensack area on June 30th and July 1st.
I was hoping to maybe organize a fun ride with a few people and make some new friends. I'm a beginner/intermediate rider and was looking for a few people to ride with. I figure since I'll be up the northern part of the state I would take advantage of it and ride in some of the great parks up that way. I haven't chosen one yet, because I wanted to get some opinions first and try to get a few people together. I think I'd like to try to do a 3-4 hour ride or so.

Hit me up on this post or VIA PM if interested.



entirely thrilled
there used to be races in alpine, which is the closest place to hackensack with trails i can think of. haven't been there since 93/4 though...
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