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This thing is either the sketchiest deal ever or the best way to get little ones in the woods.


I am not sure what happend when you crash but it can't end well.

Any thoughts??


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'Sure seems like a long way for Junior to fall. I think I'd prefer one of those third wheel thingies that clamp to the seat post.

When my critters were that small, I wouldn't have used this thing. A "light" fall is a big fall for Jr. and it could be compounded my mom/dad landing on Jr. Plus, it would seem that one would be more prone to falling with that weight up front.

Not the worst thing I've seen. I saw a guy up at Mahlon a few months ago with a toddler in one of those backpack carriers. It was shocking enough to see this guy hammering up the hill by Rock Rill with Jr. playing "let's f*ck with daddy's CG", but as they passed and I saw Jr....well, he didn't even have a helmet on!! The rails of the pack were pretty large and would've provided quite a bit of protection during a fall, but still....

I say let Jr. ride his own bike and keep it to places that match his size and level of ability--they'll be infinitely better off. If mommy and daddy want to go riding "for real", find a sitter.


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jdog said:
Any thoughts??

I don't see any problem if it is being used on a MUT, sidewalk, path, etc. Off-Road??? Not smart!!!

It looks like it attaches securely and has straps to keep the to keep the little piggies away from the front wheel.

I watched the video. I didn't like them removing the stem for installation. Video showed the person reinstalling the top cap but not tightening the stem bolts. Someone is gonna mess that up.

Also, the guy riding in the video looks like he is having issues with the child being a little too tall. At times, he looks like he is sitting too high or has trouble seeing over the child's helmet when looking down in front of him.

Overall, I think it is harmless if used for just tooling around. It's far better than the iBert or other types that position the child on the bars or in front.
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oh my god. in theory its a cool idea. in reality its the easiest way to rid your children of those pesky things they have in thier mouths called teeth.


It's not ideal for Ringwood, but for the road and bridal paths it looks awesome. My little man is 2 and I can't wait to get this. It's listed at 170 (british) pounds, so if it really costs $350, well forget it, but drop it to $200 and I'll at least give it a shot.

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Nice concept....Agree with Ben that the height of the child will cause a problem....I can also see wide bars being a problem....The childs grip on the bars just doesn't seem right


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i picture my teeth in my sons helmet everytime I hit a bump, not a good idea for off road...
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