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So I met NBPMike this weekend at the race and told him that I would finally get around to joining JORBA soon. Well today I finally pulled the trigger and did it. I also bought 2 of the "blem" shirts, one for myself and one for Woody. Figure I might as well spread the good vibes.

Just one point here, the "wicking mtb jersey" is really only a wicking t-shirt. No zippers or pockets or anything.


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yeah, i picked one of those wicking tee's up as well. i'm also going to be joining this week.


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I picked up one shirts as well. Its a great looking shirt! I talked to mike at good length about a bunch of things over the weekend. He is a really great guy and is super passionate about what he does. Ill be a member very soon.


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Are the "blem" shirts available via the website, or only on an in person deal. I would like to get a few more.


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I doubt they are still available. They were flying outta that place like...(norm insert analogy here)


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Hey shaggz, is that you next to me in the background? If so we made the Jorba webpage! The photo must have been taken at the IMBA Trail session at SM.


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You can buy either the T-shirt or the wicking blem online at the following link:
jorba link

In the drop down menu :membership type: just click on the t-shirt or the blem.


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Joining in person?

Hey any way of joining in person somewhere? I'm in Budd Lake and cash is my way of payment for everything. Thanks.


I have attached a mail-in membership form. I hope that is a little easier for ya.:)


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