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The JORBA Newsletter is coming together. Featured in this issue is The Wally Tunison Interview - A History of MTB & advocacy in NJ. The interview went so well that we have enough material to make a regular "remember when" feature.

Also in this issue: National Bike Summit report, chapter reports, reader pics, Sprockit!, and much more!

JORBA members - Don't forget to submit your words, photos, news or other info to for publication in The Dirt. It's your newsletter!

Some "throwback", enjoy. Check out the "working together" report and try to guess the year it was published. I heard this fashion is coming back btw:




Love Drunk
Jerk Squad
isn't it weird when you sere pictures 20 years old and the clothing is in style now? that guys shirt/long sleeve combo in the red would def be in now, maybe not the glasses though...

early suspension design?....i would say early 90's but the clothing looks like early 80's :hmmm:


Who the hell is Wally Tunison??:rofl: JK

He's a great guy who taught me, and a lot of other folks how important it is to get involved in supporting our parks.
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