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I was at the Jorba meeting today and I was startled to find out how many members they have signed up.


-Who here is a Jorba member?

-Would you give your name as a member if it was no cost to you?

-What does JORBA mean to you??



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I was at the Jorba meeting today and I was startled to find out how many members they have signed up.


-Who here is a Jorba member?

-Would you give your name as a member if it was no cost to you?

-What does JORBA mean to you??


-I am a card carrying (#170), sticker pasting, shirt wearing member


-An advocate for a sport I love and pour tons of money into. A group of really cool people who share the same passion and are willing to go out of their way to practice, educate, and preserve it and having fun doing it. I also get to ride new places I've never ridden or even knew about with people who are familiar with them.
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Card toting shirt wearing beer openering member here...

JORBA means advocacy to me. I was in the trail & saw Jason (Wobbegong) who told me about JORBA, MTBNJ, & Halters. I went from being a trail user who knew nothing about how the trail got there or how much work it takes, to someone who appreciates it, gives back a little when I can, and tries to spread the word, although not nearly enuf.

It also means discounts :D


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1. yep

2. i guess so

3. jorba means organization to me. which i guess means two things to me.
1. us mtn bikers have a unified voice for the political side of things, which keeps the trails we currently have open to bikes and helps us to hopefully get along with other trail user groups.​


2. trail maintenance: keeping the trails we have in good shape, and expanding bike access to new parks for new trails. i'm hoping jorba not only focuses on trail access like they have in the past, but also keeps moving in the 'bike skills' (legal freerideish type stuff) direction like what's been going with the allamuchy skills park in the future.​

- oh and it also means a tax deduction for my membership fees:D


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I think I know where you are going with this and I like it.

My answers:

-I am
-To me JORBA is an organization of people who ride bikes on trails in NJ. To best preserve and enhance our access and experiences on those trails, we need a unified voice. I joined and do what I can volunteer-wise because I think the alternative sucks.

I can type a huge diatribe on the many positive accomplishments and successes I have seen in my short time with the group. I can discuss how many amazingly cool and awesomely weird people I have met and ridden with since starting to work with JORBA. All of it means very little without the trails.

Well maybe the people part means something, but do you really want to go bowling with an albino wookie?


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I am a member and i upgraded my membership this year. after the trails days at 6 mile and seeing the tool jorba helps with at halters, I really feel JORBA is doing a great job and is very worth while to give me money too. I will probably upgrade my membership again this year...jorba rocks!


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I am a proud volunteer TM

Folks I'm not an card member but I plan to be one

I usually go to 2 Trail maintenances a month from April to Nov w/ weather at our favor Dec too...

Okay this my opinion.. "We can have all the "Funds" but never have a strong backbone like good volunteerism" US volunteers are the most important, such as you and I...

I hope to meet everyone whos a card member or not

Happy New Year



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I was at the Jorba meeting today and I was startled to find out how many members they have signed up.

I signed up last year, and was member #70 (or so). I was pretty surprised to find out I had such a low member number. I imagine that's what you're getting at here. Having gone through some iterations with selling shirts/etc and trying to get donations, the reality is that mountain bikers as a whole are a tough nut to crack. You would think JORBA membership would be a slam dunk to many people. But unfortunately that's not the case. For whatever reason, there's a lot more talk than walk.

-Who here is a Jorba member?

As mentioned above, I am.

-Would you give your name as a member if it was no cost to you?

I don't know what that would get me, so I don't know. I do feel it would lessen the fact I have paid for membership to then see people getting membership for free. I don't use the discount at shops, I join because I want to support the cause.

-What does JORBA mean to you??

Trail advocacy and maintenance/creation of the trails we ride.

To extend the discussion further. For those of you who are not members, I would ask what is preventing you from joining? I'm not wondering in an accusing tone. I'm curious why someone would choose not to support. I know "money" will be a popular answer. But for a collective that spends thousands of dollars on bikes, beer, and tattoos, I don't think that holds water against a $25 donation. So is it...lack of tangible benefit? Just never got around to it? Money? Something else?

If you don't want to post it here feel free to PM me and I can pass the message on anonymously.


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One of the points that being a Jorba member makes is the unified stance that we can make as members.

Alone we are but one voice, but as JORBA members we can speak as a group of many. Hopefully very many.

When a place like south mt is closed/ or closing to mt bikers and JORBA says:

"our 500 members don't like that"


"Our 5000 Jorba Members strongly oppose that action"

Which sounds better??

There is proposal do offer a "dirtbag" free JORBA member level. This would allow mt bikers in NJ to stand together and be counted for FREE. The Dirtbags would not see the same membership benefits but they could be counted as a member.

This can help JORBA by having a deeper and stronger membership base to count on.

Any thoughts??
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Yes, member #156.

I wanted to give back to the parks and the MTB community and get in on the ground floor regarding trail building opportunities. Even in the short tenure of my membership JORBA has done some great work and I'm proud to play a small part in getting stuff done locally.


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I'm a member

(1) I've been a card carrying member for a couple of years now.

(2) If those "in the know" who deal with landowners, parks dept, gov't, etc on a regular basis feel that there is a benefit in getting a more accurate picture of the number of mtn bikers in NJ by offering a free membership level, I would defer to their expertise and agree.

I'll continue my paid membership though. I don't have a lot of time to devote to advocacy and maintenance on my own, so at least I can provide monetary support to those that are able to make the time.

(3) JORBA is an advocacy, education, and conservancy organization. It provides a structure to help organize and unify our efforts into a single voice and shovel, so to speak.
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Just joined.

That's totally awesome...Thanks FFT, and everyone else that supports all of us at JORBA.

Please respond to this thread , we are very interested in everyones opinions.
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oh, look at that, I am carrying the card ;) Member 43.
I have never used the discounts, I forget to ask. I joined to support MTB in NJ.


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I joined last year, and although i have not been that active thus far, I hope to change that in 2009:)

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I guess I thought I was a member just because I'm registered on their website but that seems not to be the case. I'll join right now; where do I sign and who do I pay?


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This should be a sticky somewhere.

MTBNJ has the ability to reach 1719 people as of today. If Jorba is serious about recruiting paying and non-paying members, the master email list this site has is a key piece of information.

If I was asked to campaign for new members, I'd get this "dirtbag" membership rolling and ask the administrators here to enclose it in an email to all members.

Just a thought.
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