JORBA Jam 23 aka NJMTB fest


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I signed up for the beginner ride at 10:30. The intermediate ride was good for me last year from a skills standpoint, but the pace was a bit too much for me. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!!


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Gene will be doing something silly this year - like a trip to Australia or something dumb like that - so unfortunately no Regular Guy ride this year. We're working on some swag, and we'll post something about vol opportunities before the end of the weekend - stay tuned!
Still no volunteer registration opportunities. Are all positions filled already?


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After 3 sometime, we should have someone there to help check in, etc.
Please no parking or driving on the grassy camping area. The park is very concerned about the pipes in the ground. No vehicle should leave the blacktop. All Van/RV camping on the blacktop. Thanks in advance!!


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I am leading the 9:30 intermediate.....i feel sorry for that group :) But I think @shrpshtr325 sweeping :)

Wait…I’m in the 9:30 Ride. Gulp.
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