JORBA Fest Recap


Fourth Party
Good times today, great turnout. can't wait for everyone else to start checking in. Jeff Lenosky's first show was great, second one was sure to be better.


Fourth Party
How are the T-shirts Walt...I have someone picking one up for me

The T shirts are swell, all of them. The MTBNJ bottle opener works like a charm, as I just found out.

Lots of stuff going on up there, I took off a little after Jeff's first show. A lot of shops, a lot of bike demos and a lot of people. Good stuff!


"Sleeveless Joe"
How was the ride?

I went out with the first Int. group that rode Stephens.

GREAT trails with nothing but miles of sweet singletrack; big time kudos to the trailbuilders! There were however f-o-r-t-y e-i-g-h-t in my group which was a bit unwieldly, but still fun. The other Stephens Int. group was almost as large.

Overall, the entire day was OUTSTANDING!!!


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JORBA and all the volunteers involved hit a home run with this event. I didn't even get to see either show by Lenosky, but just watching all the kids riding the skinnies was worth the price of admission alone. The group rides were a bit unwieldy because of the size, but next year we will know what to expect and plan even better. Kudos to all involved.


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freakin' great day today folks. i had to cut out a bit early as my wife wasn't feeling too well (being 22 weeks pregnant, that happens) but in the six hours i was there it was a great time. good to put names to faces (dualfisted & mean irish guy) and see some of the old school folks that have been around from the beginning.

i have to imagine that for year one, based on the numbers that i heard, this was a smashing success! big thanks to the folks at JORBA for pulling this thing off. the weather could not have been better (especially considering yesterday's weather) and i'm really looking forward to next year. did someone say two days? :D

hey walt, did you stop at A&P?


Fourth Party
hey walt, did you stop at A&P?

I was on the phone with my wife and drove right past the exit. Next time I am up there I will definitely stop by.

On a related note, The MTBNJ bottle openers work flawlessly:drooling:
I should have bought two:(


A strong 7
If you missed this, kick yourself in the junk - twice. What a great day. Jeff is right, they hit the ball out of the park on this. The planning for next year should start for tomorrow as it will be very hard to follow this up.

Thank you, Joe, Dawn and everyone else that made this a great day


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This one couldn't wait. GT2Brew (frank) and I playing on the skinnies.

I got proof that Pink Shirt Photos (Shawn?) made it as well.



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thanks for posting that vid. ben you flew past me going home, i tried keeping up. did that cop that was on my (and passed me) ever catch ya?


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How was the ride?
the ride was good but as this was my first ride on slippery rocks it was tough but fun just the same thanks to the ride leaders for showing the way and the jumps at the end.. :)
btw Jeff's second show was better than the first...and yes our ride had close to 50 in it also there close to 100 riders in the first intermediate ride.


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thanks for posting that vid. ben you flew past me going home, i tried keeping up. did that cop that was on my (and passed me) ever catch ya?

I thought you were going to bed? :confused:

Sorry, I hope I didn't blow your doors off. I've got a bit of a heavy foot. ;)


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What a great event!!

Jeff Lenoski's world record bunny hop is just insane!!

I really enjoyed being the sweeper on Ben's second kids ride, good stuff to see the little guys have at it.

The dollar hot dogs were tasty and easy on the wallet.

The night ride didnt happen, maybe the two lights needed thing limited people to participate. Maybe next year.

Kudos to those who put this event together, what a great time and a total success!!!!

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