Jngle Habitat today at 6:30


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Short notice, but riding at Jungle Habitat at 6:30. Hope to try some of the new sections worked on last TM day. Let me know if interested. Meeting off Airport Rd at the gate.


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Just some advice, ride Animal Chute & Wart Hog first then on the paved trail that goes by the old baboon area (you know where I mean) by pass the uphill that goes by the H20 tanks and head downhill on the paved path. Go past the power line and you'll see the new trail on the left; it rides much better in this direction.



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There's a map on here, in the Jungle Habitat sub forum of North NJ, just found it :D

Nice job on the map (whoever did it), one thing I would suggest is to add in the trail the runs along the fence on top of the ridge & connects you up with the top of Dumptruck hill.

I think I've ridden everything over there, except that lower loop of dumptruck hill & something else I saw with an arrow pointing up it when I was coming down across the roads decending (what I believe to be) dumptruck hill.

I wish I could ride with you guys today, but I have to stop by my mother's place so I'll be doing Skyline instead, I may be out at JH on Friday though, it's fast becoming my favorite place to ride.
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