Jim's training thread


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This was not an easy day.

I was on the hill at 6am. Spent a couple weekends up there doing pre-ride and coming up with a solid gameplan. Found a turn-out about 1/2 way up the climb and decided that would be an ideal place to set up base camp. The lap was 7.6 miles so I'd never be outside of walking distance.

On my 6th trip up the hill, I broke a rear spoke. Like, literally just as I crested to the Park Entrance. Was not a terrible walk back down to the car. I called my wife as soon as it happened to see if she could bring my spare wheelset. Not wanting 2 hours to burn up, I smacked the wheel on a tree to get it mostly true, wrapped my rear brake around the seatpost, and did a very slow lap.


After I got a new wheel I was able to get up to the halfway point before ripping my front tire. Which I knew would happen because I was running stupid light turbo cottons. I brought a pile of spares though so that was just minor setback with another walk down to the car.


Think I was at lap 19 when I took a good pit stop to do my night lap prep. Just cleaned up to make everything easy to find, filled all my bottles, and had extra layers for when it got colder. Being that it had been raining almost all day, I also swapped into a fresh kit.


The night laps were nice because it broke up the repetition of this effort. It was also hard to see the grade of the sections so everything felt new. I was pretty spent at that point, and riding in the 50t more and more, but I was making progress.


My pre ride pacing was nearly dead on. I budgeted 18 hours moving and 22 hours all in with a 23 hour deadline.

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 7.19.39 PM.png

I also had my friend Robert with me to make the day go by. Although we were usually on different ends of the climb, waving to someone every once in a while was nice. Right towards the end a 3rd guy showed up on a Fat Bike but it was dark and I was pretty shot so I have no idea who it was. He'll be there until midnight tonight if he finishes it all. Robert started and finished a few hours after me. Kinda stoked to see there's other loons out there!!


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Well, given both distance and elevation plus the weather, if that’s not an epic ride I don’t know what it is! I wish I could say I will try something like that one day but unfortunately the years when I could have attempted something like that are realistically over!