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Seems many winter Ultra riders skip helmets in favor of just hats and such, rationale is that the speeds are much slower and so helmet not as important. I would tend to agree, except for when on ice where you could be very likely to fall and hit your head. ...your thoughts.
I feel awkward not wearing a helmet. There's a lot more opportunities to wipe out racing in snow and ice. You have no idea what's under the snow or how deep it is.


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I can't wear goggles with my glasses so probably not. They fog up super fast. Extended forecast has the temps exactly the same as here in NJ so I won't need them anywhoo.
I always notice the pictures from the fat bike races that people are barely covering their faces. Mind you many of the pictures are near checkpoints and start finish but rarely seems like anyone has googles.


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I plan on being the first. They're making a documentary on the race this year and I'm not fast enough to get much screen time. Dying seems like an easy way to steal the thunder.
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Has to be a better way....what if you power your bike with a rocket engine?