JH Saturday


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ctual" race course today as opposed to what i thought may be the course wednesday by myself. Let me just say that i am glad my prior commitment to the Golf world will keep me from this race. Holy cow. I spent more time in or on, or inbetween, and even once in my shorts, the trees. That first section of switchback / tree farm was nuts. I missed that the otehr day. Sadists. hahahaha. That being said i loved it. New clip ins and it made me real good at getting out quick. I wanted to paint little messages on the trees you WILL hit but figured that would just lead to more carnage. Plenty of good sports for photos though. Should be a great ride for everyone. I fell again lookin at that rock sculpture. It's mezmerizing.

PS, i only bent my hanger once, and i believe the first twin trees you come to are so freakin Close (my handlebars will not fit through straight on) you wil loose weight through them.
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