January 2022 Outside Pic Photo Contest


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Simple thing for the new year:
Do something outside, take a picture, post it here and be entered to win a Halters hat.

From last years BIYF, two people paid their prize forward and I decided to open it up to a broader audience than just the BIYF people. The photo does not have to be during a ride but those photos may be looked at more favorably. Each week I will designate some number of pictures as the photos of the week and they will advance to the finals for the month. This post will be updated with the photos of the week.


Week One Photos of the week:

Late to the party, as always. I got a fat bike and took it to the beach the other day. This is my favorite pic (of any of my bikes, maybe ever).

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Week 2
Just me & Brer Bear on trail today,...in the dark.
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Pictures of the week 01/10 - 01/16

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Sipping coffee watching this grow
I probably have posted pictures from this spot before. Could not decide if I liked the shot with the bike or without the bike better so here's both.

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Your 01/17 Pictures of the Week


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