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Does anybody have any experience with Jamis bikes? Looks like Jenson got a hold of some 05 leftovers and is selling them off fairly cheap. Some odd sizes left, but looks like they got a bunch of popular sizes as well, if anyone is interested.


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I have a couple of friends who ride Jamis. They have their company headquarters in NJ if I'm not mistaken. My son has a Jamis hardtale too. They are decent quality bikes and the company seems to stand behind them. A couple of weeks ago, Jamis was running demo days up at Ringwood and had a whole fleet of bikes to try out.

But, I'm not sure I would recommend to the average person to buy a complete bike online, unless you can wrench it yourself.


I've got a friend who I ride ringwood with at least twice a week; just picked up a Dakar and loves it. It came with all fox suspension and hayes nine brakes maxxis tires,this thing is phat.I think you would definetely be very satisfied especially with their pro build.Anyway good luck.
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