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Anyone have a shock air pressure chart for a Jamis Dakar?
My girlfriend has a 2007 Dakar XCR Expert with a Fox 32F-100RL fork and Fox FLOAT RP2 in the rear. The manual didn't seem to come with it and I emailed Jamis and got no response.


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i think fox reccomends 20-25% total travel to be taken up by your body weight (sag).That percentage could be off, the manual that is included with the fork and shock should help, if not I know that the fox site has the set up info.

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But wouldn't that sag also be determined by the bike's geometry as well as the riders weight? The bike did come with the fox manuals which said something to the extent of what you said. However, other bike's I've owned have come with charts that specify for a certain weight put a certain PSI in the shock.


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I have the 2005 Jamis Dakar Pro XC, and I use my weight as the PSI into the shock. Its more of a race type setup.

btw 5'-9 x 170 on a medium frame


The most important thing is getting the sag set to around 25% of total travel so that the fork/shock can extend into dips and things as well as sucking up lumps and bumps. The geometry likely affects how the shock/form perform and to what extent but the 25% sag is pretty universal.
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