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When we go to Taiwan these things are all over the place. Well maybe not these in particular but micro-cars.


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funny you posted this sean, i was thinking about starting a "green" post to see what folks were doing. granted, my scrambler isn't exactly earth friendly but i don't drive it all the time and for the tahoe, i'm just waiting for either toyota or honda to step to the plate with a hybrid.

big cars are on the way out...unless you live under the bubble in DET.


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i'm just waiting for either toyota or honda to step to the plate with a hybrid.
i'm not sure what you mean by this :confused:. at the very least, honda has a civic and accord hydrid, and toyota has the prius and camry, as well as the highlander suv. plus all of the other little cars in their lineups such as the fit, insight etc.

as far as your det under the rock comment, i got a chuckle when i was reading that the new intercpetor is supposed to be instrumental in reviving ford...

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My cousin has one!

set to be introduced to the US market in early 2008, i just reserved me one of these:

I love this vehicle! My family is from Germany,...still lives there. The SMART car is a Mercedes B designed car for the "Green" party. (That's the eco smart people of europe) This vehicle is AWESome in the city and easy on the long distance. My cousin (18 year old smart ass) brings her Smart Car in to change the door colors every 3 months. (Yes, in europe you can change the color of your vehicle.) Great gas mileage, feels super fast, big windows makes you feel you are on a motorcycle, and more roomie than you think. Hummm, I think I might buy one.
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