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I hinted to this in one of the getting to know you threads, but decided to go ahead and post it in its own thread.

My wife and I moved here from Richmond, Virginia back in June when she started her ER residency. I was working for the state medical examiners office as an Application Developer/ Database Administrator and they asked me to continue working remotely, but shortly thereafter they had to terminate the contract because of the state financial crisis. So here I am in this new place looking for a job.

I'm looking and pursuing on Monster, Dice, etc. but know from the other side what a hiring manager's in box tends to look like. So, I am trying to meet real people, who might know other real people, that can put me in touch with someone who could use my talents.

Also, if anyone knows a good headhunting or IT staffing agency near Montclair please PM me. I am willing to work in NYC, but would love to find something closer by where I could commute by bike.

My resume is posted here

I'm interested in full time, part time, contract, temporary and even freelance.

Thanks for your time.
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