Is Tourne the bettter of Single Speed parks?


for all you single spinners, would you say Tourne is one of NOrth Jerseys SS places or are we limited to just beginners and locals?


El Guac-Oh
I haven't been there in about 2 years, I've been meaning to go back to try it on my SS.

What other parks do you consider SS parks :confused:

Glancing Aft

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The tourne is the only place I've ever SS at... odd, I should expand my horizons. Too bad FS and gears always seem more appealing to me when I'm traveling. The Tourne is great for SS though!


El Guac-Oh
kvsp. sean would say all of them.

Sean's probably right. Recently I have been just riding my SS because my FS is in the bike hospital (cracked frame and busted headset). I have visited all the parks I usually ride and I am having a blast. Granted I have to work harder on some places like Ringwood, but I was surprised to see how much stuff I was able to clean that I thought it was not possible to do it with a SS.

But if I had to list the more SS friendly parks then: KVSP, Deer Park, Lewis Mo, Chimeny Rock and from what I remember The Tourne too. Oh, and the one near Montlcair State ;) .


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i think the tourne is a pretty solid SS spot, but never ridden it on the mary. moving further west it's just not worth the trip unless i'm wicked local there.

i love KVSP on the SS...the needle, which i still haven't cleared on it, is a bit of a burner. LM is fun too...all the ups and downs (along with HORRIBLE chatter of the blue trail...unless you have a shock which i don't :eek:) make it a hell of a workout. i would add mahlon to that list too. i've found that park to be a ton of fun.

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