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So i finally got out a did some mountain unicycling today at chimney rock! all though the conditions would have made for a crummy mtb ride, the snow didn't make much of a difference for me while riding on one wheel.

those are my invisible handlebars i'm holding

friggin scary

harder than it looks

log pile!!! (no idea how i made it over)

first try down this fall line... FACE PLANT!:D

Getting better

zomg, crazy air

after having lost interest in unicycles besides for the daily trip to get the mail, today was surprisingly a ton of fun! Every little trail feature's difficulty is exponentially increased on one wheel. i just wish i owned an actual mountain uni instead of a regular one.
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I still cant get over how hard it looks to even ride one. Ill have to try one out. Hahaha you fell:rofl:


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Looks like you had a fun day. Looks EXTREME too. Will you demonstrate the fence bunny hop at 6 mile ranger station on that thing sometime soon? :p
What bike do you use to get around inside the house?


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When we didnt have soo much crap in our basement, My friend and I used to have a little circle track and raced green mechines or bmx hahaha


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i had no clue where this was going. pretty cool to actually see someone riding one in the trails.
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