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Im not the best on the layout. we could wing it. I know how to get in and out. I just go and ride. The trails just kinda cross over each other.


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Used to ride all over there as kid - we used to ride from behind the mall all the way to the old franciscan friars on todt hill through mostly trails.
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Yah alot of the trails aren't maintained just overgrown. I did see on the map a trail that runs down todt hill. I have rode the ocean terrace to the highway trail.


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Saw this interesting feature someone made after a quick ride this past weekend in High Rock. Located at the norther tip of lake orchbach.


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Yah that wouldn't be park made seeing as bike riding is not allowed in High Rock. Also Poch Camp is private property but kinda hard to separate the 2 areas you usually wind up in it.


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Yea figured someone put it together quickly. I noticed it a few weeks ago walking the dog and was surprised to still see it up being it’s right in the heart of pouch camp. Had to give it a go. Nice little feature to practice drops on.


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I live in Staten Island. Been riding the trails there since I was young. I mostly ride central and Northern Jersey now. Chimney, Sourlands, Jungle, Ramapo. Still ride locally periodically though. If you’re looking for someone to ride with, let me know. My pace is fairly slow, but I enjoy the challenge of riding trails with some good tech.


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I'm usually on these "unauthorized" trails 2-3 times per week, so if anyone needs a tour give me a shout. I'm a lot slower than @Mumonkan lol (SS rigid and old) but know these trails inside out, and we have some really cool spots. I do recommend waiting for at least a month or so, everything is really soft and muddy. I just started using Strava again this year (I have a love hate relationship with social media aps), so look me up and you'll see what kind of rides are possible.


I was just there this past Tuesday with the snow and everything was frozen. really had a good time but I would imagine it's back to The Machinist again I'm going to wait for the next freeze


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haven't been much on the social medias lately, been really absorbed in building and flying high power drones and being a general menace to society.

forget wolfes pond. ive taken bigger, more interesting shits than the trails in that area.
it makes for a more interesting place to run, hike, or shoot up. there is some old growth forest there still if you're into that.

there is a lot of riding to be had on SI, but for the most part the stuff worth riding (imo) is infact "not allowed".
that being said, ive never had an interaction with a local ranger that wasn't positive, dog walkers with their poorly trained anklebiters however are a different story.

that is until they see that shit in pouch. i know who created that picnic table situation and they're good people, but there's not a lot going on there this time of year. as soon as it starts warming up, someones gonna see that shit and i expect a reaction from someone about it.

trails here don't have cool names like pierced nipple or tubular testicles, we just go by the color of the blaze here, certain features and sections have names which you'll hear locals using if you see other humans, like: "moses mountain" ,"heart attack hill", or "bootcamp"

when there are no humans to interact with (which is most of the time, people don't go outside here), and your focus is more on the trail and its conditions the current and recent weather very radically effect the trails here, and it varies from one area to the next.

trails north of high rock park (in general) drain better, and are generally more difficult, steeper trails. one trail crosses the highest point on the eastern seaboard south of maine. this is also where you have the highest percentage chance of seeing humans. on the weekend is the only time you'll see anyone and this area is ground zero.
everything else, not so much. white trail nearest to the carousel drain the worst, followed by areas by the airfield on the yellow trail

if you've ridden at hartshorne and huber, imagine that exact terrain, just dialed down in intensity from like a 7 to a 4

in the winter this whole island is a shitshow.
your car will get raped by weaponized levels of rock salt
your bike will have every orifice and crease ruthlessly stuffed to the gills with detritus and some of that weaponized rock salt
your clothes will never look the same again
your extremities will be soaking wet and numb as frozen chicken feet

come on out, its great.

oh also everyone here is an asshole, they're even worse when they're driving.


I posted on MTBNJ and all I got was this stupid ni
Hey folks,
I work in Staten Island once in a while, any worth while mtb biking...for my lunch hour???
There are some cowboy trails in Latourette Park and High Rock that are fun. Wolf’s Pond has potential but is small and boring. There is a small section of trail off of Hylan and Buffalo by Gateway Park that leads to Amboy Road and Clarke Ave. Then take the trail behind the service station on Clarke which will eventually lead you into Latourette or High Rock. Be aware of deer and junkies!
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