Is there a update map on maprika.


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This one is pretty good, but not everything. Best map I know of. This is on Maprika, too. If there is a trail you are looking for but don't see it on there, let me know, I can probably explain how to get there using this map.



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Trail Forks has the best interactive map, it's available through the app store on your mobile device. It is affiliated with On the desktop version, you can create exportable maps to use on gps devices. Trail Forks mobile can be used offline (no service) ... these are not official maps governed by anybody so user accept responsibility for knowing the trails before trying to navigate with this app.

Less interactive though official maps are available from the park office.

The NY NJ Trail conference offers a map of the local region on Map 116

Both park and local area maps are available on Avenza (it's an app) which is a pdf of the map with your current gps location. *gps location is available on phones even with no service_ in like 99.99% of NJ So when on trails this app lets you know where you are at any given moment. This app also allows waypoint drops and tracing travels.

MTB project is great, however it's inability to allow map downloads to garmin really limits its ability as a great app. It is good however if you enjoy using it. It's one I like to use when scouting rides during road trips, though post Sea Otter this year I have been favoring TF.

Maprika isn't on my map, its like map my ride to strava imo.

Remember using digital maps is a backup to the paper map.