Is it me or is this park hardcore?



I came to the park with a positive attitude and end up screaming like a biatch everytime I hit a big rock. After a few minutes into the trail I was begging the trail to be over and going back to the car I noticed my shorts were wetter than usual.

Since then I've been contemplating on quitting mtn biking. I just enjoy looking at my nice bike anyway...


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The place is intermediate in all regards.

If i had gone there on one of my first mtb trips i probably would have felt the same as you. So if you're new don't get too frustrated. Check out Allaire, Clayton, and Kittatiny. If you keep riding weekly CR will transform from hard to easy in just a few months.


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Hell no! Don't quit, I mean :D. CR is prob intermediate like idbrian says. There are a few sections that can seem hardcore for beginners, but nothing too crazy, I say go back and show the trails who's da boss ;) Within a few rides you will look back at those trails and laugh.


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It took me a while to feel comfortable in that park. I still expect to get worked a bit when i ride there. There are some sections which can be a bit difficult but practice makes perfect. Keep em spinnin!


When I first starting riding, I never left Chimney Rock without sporting a new bruise (or 2). Keep going back, you'll get the hang of it :D


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i rode there every week this summer...left bleeding most of the time...
hurt myself so bad last time i haven't been on my bike in over three weeks....i'm either a slow learner or the place is cursed....

yet, i don't get hurt at RV and people say that that place is brutal, yeah, i think CR is cursed????



I learned to ride a mtbike at Chimney Rock. Even after 9+ years of riding there it still has a few tricks up its sleeve for me. Which is one of the reasons I think its a great place.

For the size and proximity it really has a diverse trail system, a little of everything. If you can feel confident there, most other places you visit won't have too many surprises for you.

Stick it out well worth the effort! There's no shame in walking, but its is a shame to let a bike sit idle.



don't give up, keep that positive attitude, my first ride @ chimney rock,
was more of a hike a bike, i basically walked all the rocky sections near the hawk watch/falls area, regular visits eased the pain, and began enjoying the ride.


I just rode there today. I got 45 minutes into the ride and the heavens opened making the rocks and logs very slippy. The babyhead rocks can make the uphills a bit of a grind but it's a nice little park.

I stopped after 11miles as the storm was getting a bit feisty and the log rollers were really slippy. I've got a soccer/football game tonight and didn't need to get hobbled!!

Keep at it mate. Get good here and other places will be a breeze!


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I went there for the first time today. I thought it was a ball. Its nice to go to a place where you can basically just keep on pedaling without dismounting much. There were a few short sections that I walked but then again so did everyone else, really loose and steep. It's kinda a cross between Deer Park and Hartshorne Huber. Great for single speeding and I'm going ther again next week for sure. I saw where Kirt, neen, Mare and other fine folks did trail maintenance. Thanks and Great Job!


Thanks for the props Wazu, but Mare and I did trail maint. at Ringwood, not at Chimney Rock. That was Kirt and his crew!

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