Iron Horse Quantum (Sports Authority bike)



Have the opportunity to get one, new, for about $250, but was wondering about the specs. Seems like a decent, solid bike. Can anyone back this up or refute? The one I looked at had a Marzocchi Comp fork (can this lock out), and Hayes 'IH1" disc brakes, tektro brake levers, SRAM x4 shifters, Truvativ X-Flow crank.

I have a Nashbar steel frame that I was going to build up to a singlespeed, and am now wondering whether the Quantum might be worth a buy to strip for its parts and sell off the rest, or to ignore the Nashbar frame and convert the Quantum to SS?

I've been scouring craigslist lately for used bike to do something similar with, but in my area (DC) people seriously overvalue their old stuff, to the point where it's not worth it.

Anyone have any opinions?

PS- 'List price' on the tag in store is listed at 599, then a price drop to 499, then on sale to 329...
Depends on what your lookin to do

If you plan doing some serious riding then i would suggest making a little more of an investment out of your bike. But it all depends on how much cash you got.

I only say this because i spent about 500 bucks on my first bike and rode it like it was a 1500 dollar bike. Needless to say, very quickly i was dumping money into it to replace parts that were worn or broken. Since then i have built up a bike that is suitable for the riding im doing. If i were to do it over i would have waited a lil while longer or robbed a bank to get some more cash to get a better bike.

Moral of the story, You get what you pay for. GOOD LUCK! :D
Decided against buying the Iron Horse.
Located an old Rockhopper with good wheels, took the wheels and will trade the rest for parts and cash.
Got some Avid SD 5's and Avi FR levers off fleabay, along with a KMC chain and FSA Pig headset.
Mainly now need a fork, crankset and chainrings, and a chain tensioner.

Any opinions on good, cheap, SS specific rings? Would these nated to a cheapo Shimano crankset work well?

Trying to decide between rigid or susp fork- probably rigid given my target budget. Surly 1x1 loks like a decent bet.
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