I was just having a look-sy through ebay to see what scams are lining up for the release of iPhone and came across lots of "line waiting" services where someone offers to stand in line, outside an Apple store, and if you're the highest bidder then you can mosey on over and swap places with this person. They give you their cell phone number so that you can make them out in the line.

One person is willing to camp overnight for $315!!

What kind of muppet is so desperate to get an iPhone but loaded enough to be able to pay someone else to wait in line for them!!??


i admittantly slept out in front of Toys R' Us in 20 degree weather for the Wii (to give to my husband for Christmas nonetheless) Yes, from 10:00pm until 9:00am. It was definitely geeky, but oddly fun as there were over 100 people (some very serious gamer types, families, partiers. etc.) sleeping out.

And ...I will never do it again. If I had too pay someone to wait, knowing how slow 2-4am can be when what was once moisture in the air has turned to ice on the sleeping bag you lay in, I would do it, if I had the money to throw around of course.


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WOW!! that is love....you crazy!!:D

I wish my wife would work 2 jobs and then buy me YETI AS-X for my b-day....
wishful thinking!!! :rofl:


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found on gizmodo.com

Finally Confirmed: What the iPhone Doesn't Have

• Songs as Ringtones
• Games
• Any flash support
• Instant Messaging
• Picture messages (MMS)
• Video recording
• Voice recognition or voice dialing
• Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Streaming (A2DP)
• One-size-fits-all headset jack (May have to buy an adapter for certain headphones)

Stuff we already knew it didn't have
• A real keyboard
• Removable battery
• Expandable Storage
• Direct iTunes Music Store Access (Over Wi-Fi or EDGE)
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