Iphone/Bose in ear combo review


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About 16 months ago I picked up an Iphone. I was pretty excited about it as my other phone had stopped working in my house and I am too cheap to get a land line.
I made the contract switch, joined AT&T and haven't had a problem service wise since then. The Iphone works everywhere, rural areas, Europe, South America, all good.
I have owned many phones over the years...cant even remember any of the names or services as they were just phones and I really didn't care so long as they worked. Most phones in my hands (and pockets) only lasted about 9 months if they were lucky before they started to act crazy...weird screen images, broken hinges, making calls to people while it was in my pocket etc. Mind you I am not sitting at a desk all day and I have a rubber cover for it. I put it thru some seriously abusive situations and it is still in action. (get one of the rubber covers for it if you get one.)

It's been 16 months and the Iphone is stlll working and working really well. I haven't had a single issue with it. And its got a ton of other features that have changed the way I spend my time. I can post when commuting, the Ipod is just awesome, the googlemap app is useful, the web browser makes commuting a joy.

I picked up a pair of the Bose in ear headphones last year as well and loved them. Today they took a ride in the washing machine. I figured they were toast...I let them sit out in the sun for a few hours and put them on..they were fine. They sound great, they don't bleed sound out to the surrounding people so you don't need to worry about being that bunghole on the train that everyone is thinking is a bunghole but not saying anything...
Two great products I can personally endorse.
Now wheres my sponsorship...?
BTW, mapmy ride has an iphone app out now. http://www.imapmy.com/

There are a couple of other apps for tracking and uploading your route. The two I've looked at are TrailGuru and EveryTrail. They're nowhere as accurate as a real GPS, but they work ok. One issue is that you have to keep the application running on the foreground in order for it to work (because of Apple's policy of not allowing background processes). I've had it just kind of stop working on me when I get phone calls, emails, etc... But can't complain too much for free apps.
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