Hey guys. My name is Lou, I've been riding road bikes for a few years now, looking to get into mountain bikes. I live in south jersey, at the shore, and have yet to get a mountain bike. I'm still searching trying to decide b/t a HT or FS. I know for my area HT would be pretty ideal, but I would like to travel to better places than around here with the bike. Some of you may have seen me over at mtbr forums. Well, hello, and hope I can ride with some of you one day.



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welcome to the board.

yeah in the south not much need for FS. but if you want to travel up to this neck of the woods there are plenty of areas that FS is nice, but remember FS maybe around a long time but most of us have ridden a hardtail and started on a rigid. FS is relatively new and many people still ride rigid and hard tails.

The SS fad is really catching on and most of them are hardtails and a few on here ride rigid.

Whats your budget? How serious are you about getting into mt. biking or do you think this is just going to compliment your road riding? How big do you think you want to go(as in drops)? Post some more details about what your mt. bike plans for this year are and your expectations and some of us on here can probably guide you in the right direction.


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Hi Lou:

Welcome aboard! A lot of the guys from central and south jersey seem to be loving the ss, and the 29'er revolution is a nice alternative to going full squish. JDog (who posts fairly regularly on this board), the owner of Halter's cycles, has an almost fanatical client base. Not sure of your proximity to his shop, but he might be a good source of information, and has test bikes, too.



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hey lou, welcome to mtbnj!

as the other 'super moderators' have mentioned, you have a lot of options. for south jersey only, you'd be pretty well off on a hardtail. but, if as you mentioned, you want to come up to the great white north, there are plenty of opportunities to use a full-squish. for me, i've found that a pretty good amount of the riding that i do on a regular basis could easily be done on a bike with only a front suspension. in fact, i'm considering putting my extra set of panaracers on my old 970 to ride lewis morris. after riding there again yesterday, i just don't see any reason at all to ride my full suspension fuel there. ever.

but, take a look at your budget, or more to the point, what you actually WANT to spend and go from there. there are TON of options from full-squish to stiff single speed 29ers. weigh out what you want to do and go from there.


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Oh yeah, one more thing,

Dont take anything the 2 other moderators have to say seriously, Ever and I mean ever ;)

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hi there

Good to have you visit us, hope to ride with you soon. So then, who's riding Allaire on Saturday morning? Hartshorne?


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That was quite a welcome everyone. ummm now I feel inadequate with my, "welcome"
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