Interesting 29er setup

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Check out this setup I saw at a race today. Some interesting stuff going on there.



Any thoughts?


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I just hope he doesnt complain about his warrenty when/if he needs some help sometime down the road. Other than that its just a Stumpy w/ a Lefty


A guy on here, Barry, rode with us at Mahlon a few weeks ago and rocks a Van Dessel 29er HT with a lefty, all pimped out with XTR, Stans, magura, hope rotors, etc. 23 lbs. That was one of the cooler 29ers I've seen.

Glancing Aft

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I thought it was interesting enough. I'd be curious to see how it rides. However if I where to drop the $$$ on a lefty I'd put it on a more interesting bike than a stumpy, say a Van Dessel...


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One of the ladies here rides a custom Seven with a Lefty. Very nice set up.

Ellen Serruto is rocking the sweet custom set up.

However I also am curious how that works. Cdales come with the big head tube and I how the 1 1/8 ht effects things.


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I had an SS IF Ti built with a 1.5 headtube for the lefty and absolutly love it...however getting it serviced sometimes is a pain but I can send it directly to Cannondale.

Also the newer lefty without using an adaptor for bike with 1 1/8 heatubes has and integrated stem that slides down the whole headtube to clamp the's a much lighter setup and for the XL+ custom ride I put together it's under 23 lbs. easily...maybe even less than that.
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