intense spider xvp frames on chainlove


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anodized vs powdercoated frame and different shock.

They have that anodized there for the same price you payed, but still with the RP23 shock. Out of curiosity why would one want the 5.0 air shock over the RP23? Is the air shock for more big hitting? Was wondering because some other frames i was looking at offered either for the same price.


i don't see an anodized close out on the site now. maybe it sold? i got this frame with dhx air cuz that's what the guy was selling. most likely i'll swap it out.

re: price for the hub. haven't decided on a price yet. but i can tell you it's laced to a mavic 717 rim and includes a (i think) 17 tooth cog, a dog bone, two shifter/cable sets and 2 chain tensioners. i think the brake rotor is also rohloff specific so i'll include that too. it's 2 1/2 years old so is broken in. the rim has a couple of dents in it, but they got there within the first few months so i've been riding on it 2 years now no problems. wheel was built by lou at briarcliff and is solid. if you want to make an offer pm me.

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Oh, well i don't know what anodized is either, i thought it was a type of paint. I learn something new about biking everyday i read this forum.

They have a polished version as well as a sale on a polished Nomad here:
Anodizing is a metal coating technique that uses electrically charged particles and oppositely charges the object to be coated, resulting in an extremely hardy finish. So hard you have to hit it with rocks or a hammer to crack the finish. It will eventually wear in places like the stays where your shoes rub it (mine has this). It doesnt have the shiny finish that a powdercoated painted frame has since there is no top clear coat. It is a little harder to clean for the same reason since the surface has a texture. Still, it will definitely outlast other finishes and the blues and other colors are pretty cool if you like understated.


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What a beauty - looks like the last five in stock sold out. I'm praying a Niner Jet9 will make an appearance.

Niner can't make those frames fast enough so I doubt that they would appear on a discount site.But I'm all for hoping with ya!
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