Integrated headset headache....


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So I have a frame with an integrated headset and I've slowly been piecing the whole monster together:


I ran into a snag that I officially wrote off a week ago. My headset has a cane creek "S2" dustcap which is a non-integrated headset, but it has no cups to press's just a dustcap which i found to be weird. The rest of the internal bearing cartridges fit fine. So today after I got my handy dandy carbon bars....I tightened the star nut before securing the stem and noticed that when I tighten it the whole steering assembly is really full of friction on turns...that has a bit of resistance in looks like the stem is mashed onto the dust cap and when you turn the bars the whole damn thing moves (dust cap + stem). I was wondering if that's normal? I assume not, I'm about to try and put in a headset spacer...I was hoping someone had an idea in the mean time


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So the spacers don't help and I'm 99% sure the stem the guy gave me for the bike is the wrong one as the dust cap has worn through some of the paint from rubbing on it....the OEM headset is the :
FSA Orbit IS-2A

Anyone know what that 2A is? I could only find the FSA Orbit IS, I'm inclined to say that it's not that important :p. I'm just going to reorder the headset as the dust cap for that headset doesn't reach down as far and won't scrape up the frame anymore than it is already


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when jdog and I built up my new frame, the intergrated headset has a really thin washer that is the last thing before the dust cap and it is just enough to make everything flush with the top of the headtube before the dust cap is installed.
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