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JORBA: Ringwood
I was off from work yesterday and saw that it was supposed to be 60 degrees and sunny. So I was thinking it would be great to do a long road ride. I sent out an email to some road riding buddies that are retired or unemployed, just incase I could entice someone to come out and kick my butt and help get me back into shape.

I got a response from my friend Ken, who has been fighting cancer. He was between treatments and said that my email inspired him to go out and ride. I was thrilled, as I had not ridden with him since last year, before his treatments. We met along the ride and headed up to “The Spoon” ( famous café haunt for cyclists ).

We approached a well known long hill, and he told me that this was his favorite hill and he used this specific hill to get back in shape after being sick. I knew right away that climbing and conquering this hill had special meaning to him. He was riding for life, and with determination and inner strength, he made it to the top as always.

When I got home after my ride, I hardly thought about miles or miles per hour, but felt a strong appreciation to have been on a bike that day and see Ken climb another hill in his life.

Next month Ken will be representing NJ for “Livestrong” in Washington.

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