inexperienced....shifting problem?



i was wondering what this problem might be...

i own a 2000 homegrown pro, i bought it used. when i shift through the gears the shifters (Shimano Deore XT RapidFire SL) wont show the correct gear im in...its like the are frozen...the bike shifts but the orange thing inside the shifter is not highlighting the correct gear...

when im in the highest gear setting the bike skips when i pedal... also when im pedaling up a hill and put a heavy load on the pedals the bike skips as well...

im not sure why it skips and what i can do to fix this problem...the reason why i mentioned the part about the shifters is because im not sure if they are the problem or what....i also had it tuned up a year ago and i cannot recall if it did the same thing then because i never rode it then like i do now.

thanks guys im new to the site and would appreciate all feedback


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could be a bunch of things. i had the same problem a year ago and found that the best solution was just to go to the lbs. however, if your mr. mcfixit, i'd suggest cleaning/replacing your cables.

as far as chain skip, it could be a stiff link, worn casset, poor cable tension on your rear derailleur....
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when i did receive that "full tune up" the cables were replaced. after reading that link you provided me with i believe that its my cassette. a new cassette along with a new chain should be sufficient, ill go from there and see how that goes.


worn out!!!!!

Replace the casette, chain, n chainrings. They are tuckered out. Gotta replace the whole schpeal though, do some reading on your choices though, cuz you could dump tons of money on those parts when parts that function just as well for less can be had. As far as the gear not showing in the window properly, usually the shifter just wasn't reassembled properly or some such and can be repositioned and fixxed, also, they can die from wear, I never use them things, you get to know what gear your in.


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When peddle real hard and go fast the gear is high when I spin its low..:)
I guess its time for a SS...
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