In the interest of Science, Budget, & Matrimonial Harmony


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Science: I’d like to ride a few bikes I don’t own that fall within the Agressive Trail Bike That Pedals Really Well category. Think: Ripmo and Occam. Reviews only go so far and the Demo day at Ringwood doesn’t reflect my typical trails. (Allaire, Six Mile, Hartshorne) Demo days are short also.

Budget: Buying bikes that you’ve only ridden for a few hours on unfamiliar terrain or only read about to then learn it’s not an ideal fit is expensive.

Matrimonial Harmony: See Budget above.

I intend to keep my Blur forever. It’s my ideal bike. I can ride it anywhere within reason and I little beyond if I’m willing to take a little abuse.

The Occam is what I’m trying to decide to keep or pass on. The Occam is very much a bigger version of my Blur. Firm ride great climber. I purchased it to use on my occasional Ringwood Wildcat type trips. I’m starting to think it may be too similar to my Blur which makes it likely the ideal ONE bike to own for me. I’m looking for a bike to be less of a close cousin and more of a burly best friend that pedals well.

Long story short I’d like to temporarily trade bikes with someone here. Riding my home trails is really the only way to know which bike is right for me. This may break the cycle of buy build ride sell that I seem to have fallen into. I will take full responsibility for any damage I cause etc. I’m not really a goon of a rider and don’t expect to cause any damage if that’s reassuring.

My bikes are size Large.
2019 SC Blur
2021 Orbea Occam H10

If anyone out there is ok with a temporary trade/change of pace and has a Ripmo, Instinct, Hightower 1,2,3. Let me know and we can iron out details. I live in 07735

Thanks for reading.


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Shameless plug, but these ARE the droids you’re looking for.

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