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Thank goodness there aren't any pictures in that link. I would hate to see one of the Wiggles being dragged behind a Chevy.


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I didn't knew those existed, so I googled them but I didn't want to post a picture and suffer the WRATH of the moderators.

I think I will get a pair for my bike and hang them from the saddle. Do you think I will offend people on the trails...I don't want JORBA banning the use of those things too. :D


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A friend of mine has chrome ones hanging under the engine of his truck.

Good thing he lives in Jersey :p


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There is a guy I see almost everyday on route 1 with a big yellow truck and real a looking sack. I have to admit it is quite funny to see for the first time. The chrome ones aren't nearly as funny.


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you monkeys get away with a lot more than you should sometimes, so either quit whining or boycott tuna :getsome: :D we are more liberal in the "OT" and "media" forums as these are not primary focus of the site.

with that being said


and for those of you interested in camel toe:



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The first time I saw the "sack" hanging from the hitch of a pickup truck a couple of years back I had to do a double take, then I noticed the bumper sticker that said "Yes, those are Testicles" and laughed out loud in my car.


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Funny thing is, the people who have them on their trucks think they are being cool but the truth is they look like stupid to EVERYONE else, so I like to see them. Makes it easy to spot the idiots in a crowd. Those same idiots have "piss-on" Chevy, Ford etc... on their back windows of their pick up trucks. Overcompensating for something, just like Maurice said.
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